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Our staff has been serving Stark County for well over 50 years. Consistently engaging our customers with our affordable prices, enthusiastic service, and quality workmanship. We welcome you, your family, and your friends to consider our shoppe your home as well…


…we look forward to serving you for a lifetime with honesty and trust.

It has often been said that “All the smart kids are in music”. What we now find is that it is actually the music programs that are helping to make smarter students.

Did you know that students who participate in music programs in schools score 45 points higher on the verbal and 37 points higher on the math portions of the SAT tests than students who do not? The gap in scores between music and non-music students widens with the length of time students study music.

Not only does participation in music help a child’s overall intellectual development, which corresponds to higher grades and better test scores, but music teaches a child critical skills that are important in today’s workforce: self-discipline, teamwork, problem solving, self esteem, and self-expression.

-Charles Osgood

Like our band instrument repair service, we are in the business of a quick turn around time for our customer. We believe that with proper maintenance and the care that we provide, your instrument will be able to be passed down from one generation to the next.

Full setup work is available at any time. Everything from re-crowning to custom bone shaping of bridges and nuts is offered at a more than reasonable and competitive price.

Each guitar is given the love and care that it properly deserves regardless of name brand, vintage or age.

Our more than knowledgeable repairmen take great pride in everything from a simple restring to a complete restoration.

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